Tue 08 Jun 2021 09:52


Minutes of Annual General Meeting


Ruislip Rugby Football Club Limited


12th May 2021


Meeting held as an on line Zoom meeting



  1. Adam Sharples
  2. Eddie Keal
  3. Tim Harrington
  4. Andy Peach
  5. Danny Henshall
  6. Steve Patrick
  7. Jatin Radia
  8. Nick Bray
  9. Bob Harrison
  10. Steve Hazell
  11. Aaron Chichon
  12. David Mills
  13. Mark Hensman
  14. Karen Arnold
  15. Mike Head
  16. Neil Horchover
  17. Micahel Searls
  18. Jenny Dowden
  19. Steve Maltby
  20. Mark Evens
  21. Nick Bray
  22. Andre-Paul Tsobgny
  23. Bunmi Durowoju
  24. Manish Miglani
  25. Jay Darbar


(1) Minutes of the previous AGM on 15th July 2020 - Secretary
(2) Management Committee Report - Chairman
(3) Financial Report - Treasurer
(4) Election of Officers to the Committee for the following year- President
(5) To consider any motion for which due notice has been given - President
(6) Any Other Business

The meeting was opened by the Club President at 8:00pm.


(1) Minutes of the previous AGM on 15th July 2020 - Secretary

The minutes of the previous AGM were accepted.  Proposed by Andy Peach and seconded by Steve Maltby. Unanimously approved.


(2) Management Committee Report - Chairman

  • 2020 was a difficult year for all rugby clubs and Eddie thanked all the coaches and committee for their support and the outlook for 2021 is positive post COVID


(3) Financial Report - Treasurer

  • The Treasurer gave an overview of the main cost drivers in 2020
    • Small profit circa £2k
    • Many grants applied for, including Hillingdon Council, the RFU
    • £30k of membership subscriptions since Sept 2020 - great membership base and genrous LVPs
    • Infrastructure spend for flat roof and new floor £33k, CCTV £5k and pitch repairs £23k


Accounts approved by Steve Maltby and seconded by Michael Searls.



(4) Election of Officers to the Committee for the following year- President

The Chairman thanked last year’s Club Committee. The following members were then elected as Officers on the Management Committee for the following year.


Chairman                           Jatin Radia

Secretary                           Tim Harrington

Treasurer                            Ivan Moore

Operations Manager          Steve Patrick

Rugby Manager                 Bob Harrison

Commercial Manager        Oli Huddle


Co opted members Danny Henshall, Aiofe Coyle, Mark Hensman


Voted unanimously by those present.


(5) To consider any motion for which due notice has been given - President

There were no other motions for consideration.


(6) Any Other Business

Jatin - Asked the question of those present of how the committee can help to move the club forward

Can the committee look for a rugby safe lead?  Neil Horchover to send over role description and Tim Harrington to circulate via the normal communication channels.


Bunmi Durowoju introduced herself as a mum of players and now part of the ladies team.  The ladies average 35 per training session with 45 women on the roster


We are planning to have a Rugby Club Ball in September.  Date to be confirmed due to availability of caterers


Manish Miglani - joined to say a big THANK YOU to the outgoing committee for taking Ruislip through a very tough year


Meeting was closed at 8:38pm

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